Grow-your-own Cut Flower Kit

Have you ever wanted to grow your own cut flowers? If so, this kit is PERFECT for you. It includes flower starts that are specifically bred for cutting. One kit includes:


- 6-pack of giant zinnia 

- 6-pack of mixed variety cosmo 

- 6-pack Pampas Plume celosia 

- 6 -pack cinnamon & aromatta basil (a lovely, scented filler)

- 2 grower's choice dahlia tubers 

- 5 Soraya sunflower seeds (our favorite branching sunflower)


Presale for this kit is open NOW and will be available for pick-up starting May 21st. Pick-up option is also available at the Burley Farmers Market on June 3rd. 


*On 20 kits available* 

Grow-your-own Cut Flower Kit


    WE'VE MOVED and are CLOSED for the 2022 season. PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER.