Frequently asked questions

What is your flower subscription?

Our flower subscriptions are weekly (or bi-weekly) bouquets of our seasonal, locally grown flowers. In our subscription you pre-purchase bouquets of flowers and they are guaranteed for the duration of the subscription. We have three options with the subscription. You can purchase the entire 12-week subscription, where you get 12 bouquets for 12 weeks (this is the best deal!) You can purchase a bi-weekly subscription where you will get a bouquet every other week for 12 weeks. Or you can purchase a month at a time during the duration of the subscription – if you purchase a July subscription you will get 4 bouquets for 4 weeks during July.

How will your flower be arranged when I pick them up?

They will be arranged in using flowers and foliage that are currently in bloom on our farm. They will come wrapped, market-bouquet style in kraft paper. There will be approximately 20-25 stems per bouquet and are oversized compared to our farmer’s market bouquets.

What are the pick up locations?

We are so happy to be working with other small businesses in the Magic Valley to provide locations where you can pick-up your weekly flower bouquets. This saves both of us time as you won’t have to drive out to our farm to pick-up and I have only a couple locations to deliver to. Your bouquets will be available at the location you select when checking out. There will be a designated drop-off day at each location. I will have the flowers there by 9 am and you will be responsible for picking up before end of business that day. If you anticipate issues picking up, let us know ASAP. Right now, we have three locations finalized and will have a Twin Falls location finalized before the start of the season. Here are the locations: Jerome Mountain View Barn
392 E 300 S Jerome, Idaho 83338 Jerome Renew 111 E Main Street
Jerome, Idaho 83338 Twin Falls 2nd South Market 210 2nd Ave S Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
Burley Lulu’s 1214 Oakley Ave
Burley, Idaho 83318 On-Farm Cowgirl Flower Farm
376 S 1100 E
Jerome, Idaho 83338

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we will deliver your bouquets locally in the Magic Valley for a $10 charge for each delivery. If you purchase the Full Summer Subscription you will be charge $120 for the 12 weeks of delivery. If you have a pick up subscription but know there are weeks you would like your bouquet delivered, please let us know within 48 hours of your pick-up day and we will do our best to accommodate. We will charge you $10 for each of these deliveries.

Why should I purchase your flowers?

I get it, you can purchase flowers from Costco. It’s probably more convenient to grab a bouquet when you pick up your groceries. But these flowers were harvested upwards of two weeks ago, were probably shipped from overseas, sat in warehouse, and were finally trucked to your store. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this model (especially when local flowers are not available), but we believe strongly that local flowers are better flowers. So, why purchase our flowers?

  • You can really live in the season through our flowers. Our flowers will be seasonal because our farm is subject to the same climate that you live in. Your bouquets will have tulips in the spring, sunflowers during July, and dahlias into the fall.
  • Our flowers have a limited carbon footprint as they are grown locally and the furthest, they travel is to the next town over.
  • Our flowers will be fresh. They are harvested only a day before you have them in your hands, and sometimes just that morning. Most of our flowers will last 7+ days.
  • By purchasing our flowers, you will supporting our small, local business and I think that is something we can all get behind.